Our Vision

A Missional, Caring Community, Making Disciples,
and Building the Kingdom of God in Eastern Melbourne and Beyond

Missional - Every member a missionary! Wherever we live, work and play, every member be an ‘announcing the kingdom’ person; a church engaged in the world we live in, sharing the good news of Jesus in word, action and the presence of God.

Caring Community - Through the engine room of growing, multiplying Life Groups, a Church authentically caring and loving with the love of Jesus; sharing life together; being Church community as God purposes community.

Making Disciples - A Church active in making more disciples formed in the character of Christ who then influences others to become disciples.

Building the Kingdom of God - A church engaged in the transformation of people’s lives through community engagement. A church reproducing congregations & new faith communities; a church resourcing & developing Christ-like leaders commissioned for service.

In Eastern Melbourne - A church that builds the kingdom of God in the wide region that HBC members live in (our Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria).

… and Beyond - A church that resources, equips and sends missional leaders beyond Eastern Melbourne and in other parts of the globe. A church that partners in the start of new missional communities among unreached people groups beyond Eastern Melbourne and in other parts of the globe (our ends of the earth).