Our Mission

Announcing the Kingdom of God, Seeing Lives Transformed

Mission Description:
Jesus’ gospel was the availability of the Kingdom of God.
Jesus’ purpose was to model, to manifest the reality of that Kingdom in His life, and His death, and His resurrection, in His teachings, in His actions.

The kingdom of God will only be fully known beyond this life, but through Jesus Christ it is available to be known in part now. And the result is life transformation. It is good news for all people!

The kingdom of God is whenever and wherever “up there comes down here”, in me, my church, and my world.”

Three of the characteristics of life transformation in God’s kingdom life are:

Reconciliation (man & woman with God; people with one another);

Restoration (God wants to restore us to be the people he created us to be, to free us! see Luke 4:42-46)

Rejoicing (when God really reigns, and people and churches get restored and reconciled, and when his will gets done here on earth as it is on heaven, there is joy and excitement).

At HBC as followers of Jesus we are called to announce his kingdom’s life through our words, actions and pointing to God’s Holy Spirit’s transforming activity.