Life Groups

Life Groups

At Heathmont Baptist Church our Life Groups are an essential part of our community life. ‘Church’ is both the large community and the small group community – Celebration (worship services) and Life Groups where we mutually support and encourage one another as we follow Jesus in the mission of announcing the kingdom of God and seeing lives transformed.

A great way to develop meaningful relationships with other people and to live out God’s purpose for your life is by joining one of our Life Groups.

A Life Group is the primary ‘building block’ of the church – the basic Christian community. It has between 3-12 people and meets regularly in homes or social places for the purpose of discipleship-mission with the goal of Life Groups starting other Life Groups.
The celebration happens when each small group comes together regularly with all the other groups into a celebration at one of our Sunday services.

We encourage all participants of HBC to be in a Life Group!

To join a Life Group contact our Connect and Care Pastor Mark Nidenko. Contact